Travel from Yangon to Kalaw

There is single direct train service per day from Yangon to Kalaw, Train #141. Train #141 departs from Yangon at 11:00 and is scheduled to arrive in Kalaw the following day at 13:15, which means a journey time of 26 hours 15 minutes. Alternatively, you could take a bus from Yangon to Kalaw which takes 9 hours to complete the 564 km journey.

Bus Times to Kalaw

There is a single daily direct bus services from Yangon to Kalaw which you can book online.

18:0003:00JJ Express9 hr 00 m
  • JJ Express bus ticket: $ 22.80 USD per person.
  • Service: JJ Express use ‘VIP’ buses with reclining seats, TV and A/C that is very cold.

Buy Tickets to Kalaw

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  • Check-in 30 minutes before departure.
  • One bag per person allowance for luggage stored in the hold.

Yangon Bus Station

Bus services to Yangon depart from Aung Mingalar Highway Bus Station in Yangon.

Kalaw Bus Stop

All bus services from Yangon terminate at the Winner Hotel in Kalaw.

Trekking from Kalaw

Kalaw is the best known place to go trekking in Myanmar. There are plenty of different treks you can do, however, the most popular trek is the one from Kalaw to Inle Lake. The reason for the popularity of the trek is partly because Inle Lake is an interesting destination, partly because its a trek which involves overnight stays, and partly because this is the trek which is offered by all the trekking companies. There are two basic options for the Kalaw to Inle Lake trek: a 3 day/2 night trek, and 2 day/1 night trek. Trekkers on organised tours stay in designated guesthouses within small isolated villages, and one trekking company uses an abandoned monastery. The accommodation is basic, but the food is plentiful (mostly vegetarian dishes with rice) and beer is normally available. The walking schedules on these trips are most particularly demanding for people who are moderately fit and your bags get delivered to Inle Lake for when you arrive.

Trek from Kalaw to Inle Lake
Trek from Kalaw to Inle Lake

There are two main companies who arrange trekking tours, they follow much the same routes, charge about the same and provide roughly the same level of service. The way to decide which one to go with is to talk to them about when they next have tour leaving, the number of days it will take to get to Inle Lake, and how many people will be on the trek with you. One thing about trekking is that the more people who are on your trek with you the more delays you will experience, which means that being with big groups can start to became annoying after a couple of days with minor issues causing people to get upset. We advise avoiding groups of more than 6 people. The two main trekking companies are Sam’s Trekking, which has a kiosk on the main road in Kalaw, and Golden Lily Trekking, who have a very basic but friendly guesthouse in Kalaw called The Golden Lily. Both companies employ local guides.

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