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There are two ways to travel direct from Yangon to Sittwe: by bus or by plane. By bus the journey takes 23 hours, by plane it takes 1 hour 20 minutes to 1 hour 50 minutes depending upon who you fly with. There are two airlines flying on this route, Myanmar National Airlines and Air KBZ. Flying costs 5 to 7 times as much as travelling by bus.

Bus Times to Sittwe

There is a single direct bus service a day from Yangon to Sittwe which you can book online.

08:0007:00Shwe Mann Yandanar$21.60 USD
  • Shwe Mann Yandanar company bus services are air-conditioned and have an on board toilet.

Buy Tickets to Sittwe

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Yangon Bus Stop

Shwe Mann Yandanar bus services from Yangon to Sittwe depart from Aung Mingalar High Way Bus Station.

Sittwe Bus Stop

Shwe Mann Yandanar bus services from Yangon terminate at Sittwe Highway Bus Station.

About Sittwe

Most foreign visitors come to Sittwe on route to the archaeological sites of Mrauk U. Sittwe has the closest airport to Mrauk U and, and you can reach Mrauk U from Sittwe either by road or by river boat. Whilst Sittwe may not have ancient sites as vast and historically important as Mrauk U, what it does have is some really great scenery. Sittwe is located on an island in estuary feed by several large rivers, and overlooks the Bay of Bengal. The views are unique and the best known place to see them is the ‘Point’ on the Southern tip of the peninsula overlooking Sittwe beach and the Old Sittwe Light House. From the Point you get a great view of the Kaladan River feeding into the Bay of Bengal. The Point is a popular location where a park has been constructed, and the location of the large and slightly overpriced Western Park Point Restaurant.

View in Sittwe
View in Sittwe

Other attractions in Sittwe include:

  • Central Market: Lively local market in centre of Sittwe Town.
  • Shwe Zedi Kyaung: Monastery associated with U Ottama who lead protests against British colonial rule.
  • Fruit Bat Trees: Fruit bats congregate in their hundreds at dusk in the fruit trees near U Ottama Park.
  • Ahkyaib-daw Pagoda: Buddhist site dating back to the 3rd Century.
  • Rakhaing State Cultural Museum: Museum dedicated to the cultural heritage of the Rakine people.

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