Htwe Oo Myanmar Puppet Theatre, Yangon

The Htwe Oo Myanmar Puppet Theatre in Yangon is one of the few places in Myanmar where you can you to witness the traditional art of Burmese puppetry. The Htwe Oo Myanmar Puppet Theatre is a small venue inside a family home and the majority of the performers are members of the same family. Performances take place Monday to Friday between 18:00 and 19:00 and between 17:00 and 19:00 on the weekends. Advance booking is required. You can contact the theatre by e-mail ( or by telephone (+95 9 512 7271, +95 1 211942).

About Htwe Oo Myanmar Puppet Theatre

Burmese puppetry emerged as a distinct art form in the reign of King Hsinbhyushin (1763-1776), although its origins are likely to go further back in time and the art probably emerged from influences of Indian and Thai puppetry as Myanmar has has close connections with both cultures over thousands of years. Burmese puppetry is, however, distinct from other puppetry traditions. The puppets themselves are controlled by 18 to 19 wires. A Burmese puppetry troop has 27 characters each controlled by a single person. Although not all the characters are on the stage at the same time a lot of performers are required for a single performance and this is one of the reasons why there are so few puppetry theatres in Myanmar. Since the introduction of cinema to Myanmar in the 1920s puppet shows have decreased in popularity and the gate receipts at shows are rarely enough to pay all the performers needed to stage a show. This is what makes the Htwe Oo Myanmar Puppet Theatre so special. Where it not for the efforts of Mr Htwe (the owner of the theatre) it is unlikely that you would be able to find anyway to see a full a puppet show in Yangon as opposed to very short performances at certain events often by less than expert performers.

Htwe Oo Myanmar Puppet Theatre in Yangon
Htwe Oo Myanmar Puppet Theatre in Yangon

The shows at the Htwe Oo Myanmar Puppet Theatre are less than an hour long, consisting of a series short acts each one telling a specific story accompanied by musicians playing traditional Burmese instruments. These stories normally relate to the myths and folklore of Myanmar giving a fascinating insight into its unique culture. Mt Htwe speaks very good English and before, during and after the show he makes an enormous effort not only to entertain but also to explain what the puppet shows are about. For Mr Htwe his theatre is clearly more than just a way to make a living, it is also a labour of love devoted to keeping alive a dying art form.

Location of the Htwe Oo Myanmar Puppet Theatre

  • The Htwe Oo Myanmar Puppet Theatre is 6.3 km from Yangon Central Railway Station.

Travel to Htwe Oo Myanmar Puppet Theatre

Htwe Oo Myanmar Puppet Theatre is located in Yangon. Follow the links below for information about travel to Htwe Oo Myanmar Puppet Theatre:

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