Inya Lake Park, Yangon

Inya Lake Park is the largest and most popular of the parks in Yangon in Myanmar, and it’s also the location of the city’s most prestigious houses, restaurants and hotels.

About Inya Lake Park

Inya Lake Park is located on two sides of the Inya Lake which, with a surface area of 3.88 square kilometres, is the largest lake in Yangon. Inya Lake is man made created in 1883 by the British colonial administration as reservoir. The lake was originally called Lake Victoria by the British at the time, although the local people mostly used the name of the small pond that exist there before, Kokkine, or Inya Lake as it is known today. This park has few trees, but well kept grass and flower beds, and a less well kept lake side path that is popular with walkers and joggers. The lake also restaurants, some small and some large, expensive and serving Western food. The majority of visitors, however, bring food to eat sat the grass overlooking the lake. Yangon University is located on the lakeside and the park has a reputation for being used by university students for romantic liaisons at night. Over activities include a golf driving range on the east side of the lake and a sailing club.

Inya Lake Park in Yangon
Inya Lake Park in Yangon

The area around Inya Lake also has an interesting history. During the Second World the Japanese Imperial Army occupied Yangon and built an ammunition factory on the north shore of the lake. The factory was destroyed by a bombing raid and munitions are believed to still at the bottom of lake. Following the end of the war and the departure of the British, Myanmar’s new ruling elite starting building grand residences on the lake side, which is why you can’t walk all the way around between the two sections of the park. Bizarrely the residence of Aung San Su Kyi’s family, and the place where she spent 15 years under house arrest, is located on the shore of Inya Lake in view of the house of Myanmar’s military leader General Ne Win who was the one who had her arrested.

Location of Inya Lake Park

  • Inya Lake Park is 8.3 km by road from Yangon Central Railway Station.

Google Map of Inya Lake Park

Travel to Inya Lake Park

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