Kyaikpun Paya Pagoda, Bago

Kyaikpun Paya Pagoda, near Bago, is best known for its 27 metre tall statue of 4 seated Buddhas. Kyaikpun Paya Pagoda is open daily from 06:00 to 18:00 and to enter you need to buy an admission ticket for the Bago Archaeological Zone which costs $10 USD,

About Kyaikpun Paya Pagoda

The origins of the statue are not univerally agreed upon. According to one account the enormous statue at Kyaikpun Paya Pagoda was built in 1476 by King Dhammazedi of the Mon Kingdom of Hanthawaddy. Other accounts suggest that the statue was constructed in the 7th Century by King Migadippa of Bago, and later renovated by King Dhammazedi. The four figures depicted in the statue are the four previous Buddhas mentioned in the Buddhavamsa (the Chronicle of Buddhas). A fifth Buddha referred to in the chronicle, the one which will appear in the future, is not depicted presumably because of the increased complexity of constructing a five sided statue. The statue looks newer than it really is because of recent restoration work.

Kyaikpun Paya Pagoda in Bago
Kyaikpun Paya Pagoda in Bago

Kyaikpun Paya Pagoda is an active and popular place of worship for Buddhist which is why the statue is in such a good state of repair. In addition to the statue the temple the temple has a large open pavilion, several chedi towers, and some smaller pavilions devoted to nats, which are spirits the worship of whom likely pre-dates Buddhism. Outside the entrance to the temple, on route from the car park, are lot of stalls selling food and handicrafts as is typical of important temples in Myanmar.

Location of Kyaikpun Paya Pagoda

  • Kyaikpun Paya Pagoda is located 4.5 km by road from Bago Railway Station.

Google Map of Kyaikpun Paya Pagoda

Travel to Kyaikpun Paya Pagoda

Kyaikpun Paya Pagoda is located near to Bago. Follow the links below for information about travel to Bago:

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