Travel from Dawei to Yangon

By bus the journey from Dawei to Yangon is scheduled to take from 12 hours 30 minutes to 13 hours depending upon which bus you take. There is also a single daily train to Yangon departing from Dawei Port at 05:40 and arriving in Yangon the next day at 06:20, a journey time of 24 hours 40 minutes.

Bus Times to Yangon

There are four direct bus services a day from Dawei to Yangon which you can book online.

00:3013:30Mandalar Minn ExpressEconomy 45$22 USD
01:0014:00Mandalar Minn ExpressVIP 27$34 USD
17:0005:30Mandalar Minn ExpressEconomy 45$16 USD
17:3006:00Mandalar Minn ExpressVIP 27$24 USD
  • The 19:00 departures is on a VIP 27 service with on board toilets, snacks, reclining seats and much more leg room than on the Economy 45 service.

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Dawei Bus Stop

The Mandalar Minn Express bus services to Yangon departs from Dawei Bus Terminal.

Yangon Bus Stop

Mandalar Minn Express bus services from Dawei terminate at the Aung Mingalar Highway Bus Station in Yangon.

About Yangon Circular Railway

The Yangon Circular Railway is a 45.9 km railway track looping around the suburbs of Yangon. The line starts and finishes at Yangon Central Station. Since 1954 the circular railway had two tracks, with train running in both clockwise and anti-clockwise directions. There are 39 stations on the line in total including Yangon International Airport. Most visitors to the city would not, however, choose to use the line as means of travelling quickly and efficiently to airport or at any other place in Yangon as trains on the circular railway only move at an average speed of 15 kilometres per hour.

Yangon Circular Railway
Yangon Circular Railway

Tickets on the Yangon Circular Railway are subsidised by the Government of Myanmar. A ticket to travel the whole length of the circular railway, getting on and off as many times as you like, costs the equivalent of $0.2 USD. For this reason the circular railway is a popular means of transport for a large portion of Yangon’s population, for whom the circular railway is an affordable way of travelling around the city. Most of the carriages on trains running around the line have no fans or air-conditioning, wooden floors and limited seating. These trains also stop for long periods, both at stations and in between stations for no apparent reason. As a visitor to the city you may not want to use the circular railway as a way of getting around, but rather as a sight seeing adventure in its own right. Lots of markets have been established on route and the train has become, in effective, the way in which small businesses transport goods around the city for sale, and often part of the selling process actually happens on the train itself. The Yangon Circular Railway is an important part of life in Yangon and travelling on it will give the intrepid visitor, prepared to put up with a degree of discomfort, a fascinating cultural insight into life in city for normal people.

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