Travel from Magway to Mandalay

By public bus it takes 6 hours to travel from Magway to Mandalay. There are no rail links between Magway and Mandalay and no direct flights. If you want to travel by air then you need to take a flight from Magway to Yangon and then another flight to Mandalay.

Bus Times to Mandalay

There are two direct bus services a day from Magway to Mandalay which you can book online.

08:0014:00Mandalar Minn Express$8.00 USD
20:0002:00Mandalar Minn Express$8.00 USD
  • The Mandalar Minn Express company operates bus services with on-board toilet, free WiFi and A/C.

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  • Children under 3 years of age travel free on Mandalar Minn Express services.

Location of Magway Bus Stop

The Mandalar Minn Express bus service to Mandalay departs from a side street near to Magway’s main long distance bus station.

Mandalay Bus Station

Mandalar Minn Express bus services from Magway terminate at the  Chan Mya Shwe Pyi Highway Station, 11.9 km south of Kuthodaw Pagoda.

Mandalay in Yangon

The entry fee to Mandalay Archaeological Zone is $10 which gives you access to wide range of historic sites in and around Mandalay. Mandalay itself became a royal capital in the middle of the 19th Century and the historic sites in Mandalay date back to that time. Unfortunately, a lot of what was built in Manadalay has been destroyed during wars, both accidentally and deliberately and since that time has been partially reconstructed, sometimes badly. The archaeological zone also includes sites outside Mandalay which date back to periods between the 10th and 13th Century and were not significantly damaged by war although they were partially dismantled in some cases to create the new capital Mandalay in the 19th century.

Mandalay Archaeological Zone
Mandalay Archaeological Zone

Amongst the most significant sites to visit in the Mandalay Archaeological Zone are:

  • Mandalay Palace: Royal palace constructed mostly in teak from 1857 onward, covering an area of 4 square kilometres. Most of the palace was destroyed by fire during World War II and only two of the original buildings remain.
  • Sutaungpyei Pagoda: Located at the top of Mandalay Hill with panoramic views of the surrounding countryside
  • Mahamuni Pagoda: Temple with a 3.8 metre high statue of the Lord Buddha which is reputed to be one of only 5 Buddha statues which were created in his lifetime.
  • Kuthodaw Pagoda: Famous for its 729 marble slabs inscribed with Buddhist religious texts
  • Shwenandaw Monastery: Originally part of the Royal Palace, this large teak building survived the fire that destroyed the Royal Palace because a new king had it moved from the place compound believing it to be haunted by his dead father.
  • Amarapura: Many of the buildings in Mandalay’s Royal Palace were originally located in Amarapura. Only 2 of the buildings in Amarapura ancient royal city remain intact, although the area around the ancient capital has some very old well preserved monasteries dating back to the 10th and 12th Centuries.
  • Inwa: 14th Century city built on a man made island in the river and largely destroyed in an earthquake in 1838. Of what remains, the most impressive building is the Maha Aung Mye Bonzan monastery which is constructed principally from teak.

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