Travel from Mandalay to Mawlamyine

There are two ways to travel overland by public transport from Mandalay to Mawlamyine, by direct bus service or by train changing services in Yangon.

Train Times to Mawlamyine

Train times from Mandalay to Yangon.

05:0023:001218 hrs 00 m
15:0007:30616 hrs 30 m
16:3010:00417 hrs 30 m

Train times from Yangon to Mawlamyine.

06:3016:508910 hrs 20 m

Bus Times to Mawlamyine

There is a single direct bus services a day from Mandalay to Mawlamyine available to book online.

17:3006:00Mandalar Minn Express12 hr 30 m
  • Bus ticket cost from Mandalay to Mawlamyine: $ 17.00 USD.

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Location of Mandalay Train Station

Google Map of Mandalay Central Railway Station

Mandalay Bus Station

Bus services from Mandalay to Mawlamyine depart from Chan Mya Shwe Pyi Highway Station.

Google Map of Chan Mya Shwe Pyi Highway Station

Location of Mawlamyine Train Station

Google Map of Mawlamyine Railway Station

Mawlamyine Bus Station

Bus services from Mandalay to Mawlamyine terminate at Mawlamyine Highway Bus Station.

Google Map of Mawlamyine Highway Bus Station

About Mawlamyine

Mawlamyine is Myanmar’s fourth largest city and place of great historic importance notable for a mix of traditional Burmese buildings, some very old, and European style buildings from the time when the city was under British control. Mawlamyine was the first capital of British controlled Burma from 1826 and to 1852 and the colony’s principal port. Mawlamyine is referred to in the writings of Rudyard Kipling and George Orwell, both of whom spent time in the city. The most tangible reminders of the city’s past as a colonial possession of Great Britain are the buildings they left behind such as the Police Commissioner Headquarters, St Matthew’s Church, and Old Mawlamyine Prison.

Sitting Big Buddha at Khat Ya Khat Yu Pagoda near Mawlamyine
Sitting Big Buddha at Khat Ya Khat Yu Pagoda near Mawlamyine

Even more impressive than these colonial era buildings are the Buddhist temples in and near the city. Overlooking Mawlamyine is Kyaikthanlan Pagoda, which was established in 875 and then rebuilt by successive local rulers. On the same ridge of hills as Kyaikthanlan Pagoda is the nearly as impressive U-zina Pagoda. Other notable religious sites include Nwa-La-Boh Pagoda to the north of the city and Win Sein Taw Ya to the south. Nwa-La-Boh Pagoda features three rocks balanced on top of each with a shrine built on top and Win Sein Taw Ya features a 100 metre long reclining Buddha. There are plenty of attractions to occupy visitors for several days in Mawlamyine.

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