Travel from Mandalay to Naypyitaw

You can travel by both train and bus direct from Mandalay to Naypyitaw. Both forms of transport take about the same time, although delays are more frequent on the railway as compared to travelling by bus.

Train Times to Naypyitaw

There are 3 daily train services from Mandalay to Naypyitaw.

1206:0011:515 hr 51 m
615:0020:335 hr 33 m
417:0022:485 hr 48 m

Bus Times to Naypyitaw

There are also 6 bus services a day from Mandalay to Naypyitaw which are available to book online using the Search Box below.

08:3014:00Mandalar Minn ExpressEconomy 45
11:0016:30Mandalar Minn ExpressVIP 36
14:0019:30Mandalar Minn ExpressEconomy 45
18:0023:30Mandalar Minn ExpressEconomy 45
20:3003:00Mandalar Minn ExpressEconomy 45
20:3003:00Mandalar Minn ExpressEconomy 45
22:0003:30Mandalar Minn ExpressVIP 36
  • Economy 45 bus ticket: $ 7.00
  • VIP 36 bus ticket: $ 8.00

Buy Tickets to Naypyitaw

Use the Search Box below to buy your tickets from Mandalay to Naypyitaw.

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  • Train tickets are not always available to book online, but bus tickets are.

Location of Mandalay Train Station

Train services to Naypyitaw depart from Mandalay Railway Station.

Mandalay Bus Station

Bus services to Naypyitaw depart from Chan Mya Shwe Pyi Highway Station.

Location of Naypyitaw Train Station

Train services from Mandalay arrive in Naypitaw at Naypitaw Central Railway Station.

Naypitaw Bus Station

Bus services from Mandalay arrive in Naypitaw at Myoma Bus Station.

About Naypitaw

Naypitaw, also known as Nay Pi Taw and Naypyidaw, is a new city which was declared the administrative capital of Myanmar in 2005. Naypitaw’s central location makes it a transport hub, which is perhaps one of the reasons the military government at the time took the decision to construct a new capital in relatively underpopulated part of the country which few existing amenities or much of anything else. Other than as a place to catch a bus or train to somewhere else there isn’t much in Naypitaw that appeals to most tourists, although some people travel here to marvel at the uniqueness of this centrally planned new city.

Naypyitaw Zoological Gardens
Naypyitaw Zoological Gardens

The main attractions to visit in Naypyitaw are:

  • Naypyitaw Zoological Gardens: The largest zoo in Myanmar with around 1,500 animals.
  • Uppatasanti Pagoda: A 100 metre tall replica of the Shwedagon Pagoda in Yangon which contains a Buudha tooth relic sourced from China.
  • Defence Service Museum: Vast and well maintained museum with examples are military hardware on display.
  • Parliament Building: Not accessible to the public, but worth going to see from a distance. One of the curiosities of this new building is the 20 lane road leading to the parliament building which is rarely used.

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