Travel from Mawlamyine to Naypyitaw

You can travel by both train and bus from Mawlamyine to Naypyitaw, however, bear in mind that the journey takes more than twice as long by train than it does by taking a direct bus service.

Train Times to Naypyitaw

There are no direct train services from Mawlamyine to Naypyitaw. You need to take two trains: one from Mawlamyine to Yangon, and then a second train from Yangon to Naypyitaw.

08:0017:30909 hrs 30 m
19:3004:20368 hrs 50 m
20:5506:201769 hrs 25 m
06:0015:20119 hrs 20 m
08:0017:00319 hrs 00 m
11:0022:50911 hrs 50 m
15:0000:2059 hrs 20 m
17:0002:2039 hrs 20 m
20:3005:0078 hrs 30 m

Bus Times to Naypyitaw

There is a single direct bus services a day from Mawlamyine to Naypyitaw which you can book online.

19:0003:30Mandalar Minn Express8 hr 30 m
  • One way bus ticket: $ 12.00 USD.

Buy Tickets to Naypyitaw

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  • NB: If you want to book only the train tickets from Yangon to Naypitaw then change the origin of travel in the Search Box to ‘Yangon’.

Location of Mawlamyine Train Station

Trains to Naypitaw (via Yangon) depart from Mawlamyine Railway Station.

Mawlamyine Bus Station

Bus services to Naypyitaw arrive depart from Mawlamyine Highway Bus Station.

Location of Naypyitaw Train Station

Train services from Mawlamyine to Naypitaw stop at Naypyitaw Central Railway Station.

Naypyitaw Bus Station

Bus services to Mawlamyine depart from the Myoma Bus Station in Naypyitaw.

About Naypyitaw

Naypyitaw, also referred to as Naypyidaw, is a new city. Construction of Naypyitaw began in 2002 and the city was declared the capital in 2006. Naypyitaw is a planned city with different zones dedicated for different usages, many of the zones are for government officials or the military and these parts of the city are off limits. The city planners planned Naypyitaw on a grand scale, with lots of space for future development left between buildings and infrastructure designed for a much larger population than currently lives in the city. The best example of this is the 20 lane road in front of the national parliament building.

Hilton Hotel in Naypyitaw
Hilton Hotel in Naypyitaw

Naypyitaw is in many ways a city waiting to come to life. Pretty much everything in the city, including its few tourists attractions and major monuments, have all been conceived and created by Myanmar’s central government but for the time being the city has not managed to attract people to live there for reasons other than work. In some ways it is an interesting time to visit Naypyitaw to see the early development of what will in the future probably become of one of South East Asia’s biggest cities. The city has some pockets of what looks like a typical Burmese city and over time these small pockets will grow bringing Naypyitaw to life.

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