Travel from Myawaddy to Mandalay

By bus it takes 16 hours 30 minutes to travel 821 km by from Myawaddy (located near the border with Thailand) to Mandalay. The alternative to travelling the whole distance by bus is to take a bus from Myawaddy to Yangon and then a train from Yangon to Mandalay.

Bus Times to Mandalay

There are two direct bus services a day from Myawaddy to Mandalay which you can book online.

15:0007:30Mandalar Minn ExpressEconomy 45$24.00 USD
15:3008:00Mandalar Minn ExpressVIP 36$31.00 USD
  • Economy 45: 45 seat air conditioned bus.
  • VIP 36: 36 seat air conditioned bus with on-board toilet, TV, snack and meal included.

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Myawaddy Bus Stop

The Mandalar Minn Express bus services to Mandalay departs from Asian Highway No. 1 Myawaddy, Myanmar.

Mandalay Bus Stop

Mandalar Minn Express bus services from Myawaddy terminate at Chan Mya Shwe Pyi Highway Station in Mandalay.

Jade Pagoda in Mandalay

The Jade Pagoda, also known as the Varocana Kyauksein Zedi or Kyauk Sein Pagoda, is believed to be the world’s first pagoda made entirely out of Jade. The Jage Pagoda is located in Amarapura, 18.8 km by road to the South West of Mandalay Railway Station. Amarapura is the site of an ancient capital of Myanmar.

Kyauksein Pagoda in Mandalay
Kyauksein Pagoda in Mandalay

The Jade Pagoda is 23.01 metres tall, with a circumference of 53.6448 metres and constructed out of over 100,00 kilogrammes of jade. The decorative solid gold hti on top of the pagoda is 2.1336 metres tall, and in each of the four sides of the base of the pagoda (corresponding to the four cardinal points) are recess each containing a Buddha statue made from jade. The pagoda was built by wealthy entrepreneur U Soe Naing who runs the family business jade mining business, Aye Aye Khaing. Mr Soe Naing has stated that it take 25 years to collect enough jade to build the pagoda, which took 3 years to construct from 2012 to 2015. One of the many interesting features of the pagoda is the intricate carvings in the jade exterior which depict scenes from the lives of Myanmar’s past kings and tales from Jakata, which is a Buddhist religious book recounting stories of the past lives of the Lord Buddha.

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