Travel from Yangon to Hsipaw

You can travel by train from Yangon to Hsipaw, but you do need to change trains in Mandalay. The best combination of train services to complete this journey has a waiting time of 5 hours between trains if the trains run to schedule, during which time you might want to consider checking into a hotel near Mandalay Central Railway Station.

Train Times to Hsipaw

  • Train 1: Yangon to Mandalay.
05:0023:001118 hr 00 m
  • Train 2: Mandalay to Hispaw.
04:0016:0013112 hr 00 m

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  • Before boarding you need to exchange your electronic booking voucher for Myanmar train tickets at an office near Yangon Central Railway Station.

Location of Yangon Station

The journey by train to Hsipaw starts at Yangon Central Railway Station, Kun Chan Rd, Yangon, Myanmar.

Location of Hsipaw Station

Hsipaw Railway Station is located 850 metres walking distance to the west of Central Market in Hsipaw.

About  Hsipaw

Hsipaw is a small and scenic town on the banks of the Duthawadi River in Shan state. One of the attractions of going to Hsipaw is the journey itself which, if travelled by train, takes intrepid tourists over the famous 689 metre long and 100 metre high Goteik Viaduct Bridge. Hsipaw doesn’t attract large numbers of foreign visitors but it attracts enough to sustain some basic facilities catering for foreign visitors, such as a handful of guesthouses and restaurants with menus in English. There are also tour companies operating in Hsipaw which can arrange guided walks and onward transport.

Hsipaw in Myanmar
Hsipaw in Myanmar

The main activities in Hsipaw revolve around trekking. There is some great scenery in the hills of Shan state including waterfalls, hot springs, and plenty of picturesque farm land. In terms of things to see the Central Market in Hsipaw is worth visiting as a cultural experience (rather than for souvenir shopping) and there are also some interesting temples, the most visited of which is the cluster of old pagodas known locally as ‘Little Bagan’ located 2.1 km walking distance to the north of Central Market. If you are interested in the history and politics of Myanmar then a trip to the Palace, also walking distance from the town centre, will be enjoyable. Up until the military took over in Myanmar in 1962, Hsipaw had its own hereditary rulers and the family still take care of the former palace offering both tours of the building and a talks about the history of the Shan state.

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